The Forest Ranger Trail – Skogvokterruta

The Skogvokteren Ultra route starts at the Town Hall in Porsgrunn and enters the forest just below the Valleråsen waterworks. You follow the trail through the hilly deciduous forests in the city’s woods, pass Årdalsåsen, and continue via Klepp and Lid to the ski resort at Jarseng. From there, it’s rolling terrain and beautiful trails down to the southern end of Mensvann, where there is good drinking water. Then, some varied gravel roads and paths before you turn up towards Galten. The path upwards passes a giant oak and a weapons cache from the war, and the climb is demanding.

Once at Galten, you can turn around and take a picture before gathering yourself and heading down towards Skisjø. Before reaching there, you turn left over a small stream and follow the trail through the logged area uphill. Soon, you’re in dense spruce forest before reaching the idyllic Gramsebu. Trail and marshland continue upwards until you reach the gravel road up to Vestre Vealøs. From Vestre Vealøs, follow the trail downhill to Kikut, with a sharp right turn before the asphalt and onto the «old road» past the beaver dam, over Fiskebekk, and along the blueberry trails towards Solvika. Once at Solvika, you can catch your breath and fill your water bottle from a red building at the campsite.

From Solvika, we enter the cream of Grenland’s trail paradise, first along Heivannet lake, then in among the spruce and the up through the broadleaved forest towards Blåfjell. Enjoy the view as you truck the ridge towards Skrehelle. Continue towards Vestre Skrehelle, take another picture here before descending down the steep slope to the golf course at Jønnevald. From Jønnevald, we cross Gjerpensdalen, which entails a few kilometers on asphalt and gravel. Turn right at Ås, to Stulenvegen. Then left over the hill over newly made trails towards the Bliva aid station at 50k. Refresh, and brace yourselves for the long, continuous trail towards Geitebuvarden, via Seiersteinkollen.

At Geitebuvarden, you have passed 55 km, and now it’s just downhill (on the map) towards the finish. First, Langelandskollen must be conquered, but then the terrain becomes calmer towards Langevann, Bjørnestien, and Tvittingen. After Sollifjell, we turn right down the ravine towards the shooting range and over to Løveid where we cross the locks. We descend Skotfosstien and continue through Åfosskogen to Brekka Gård. Then along the west side of Geiteryggen, over the old Rv36, and over Brudalsbekken before crossing the new Rv36 towards Solum Church. Then over the Christmas trees and towards Voldsveien P. Follow the trail marked Piggen, then onwards via Solmyrås and downhill towards the ski jump at Rugtvedt. Further into the GREP trail before turning left towards Kverndammen. Follow the outflow stream towards Vestsida School, then straight down to the center past the Porcelain Factory, and straight left over the bridge. A final sprint of just under a kilometer before you’re back at the Town Hall steps again.

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