Skogvokteren «Forest Ranger» Ultra 2024

Do you know the smell of the open forest floor that has been under snow all winter? That, is the smell of spring. It’s also the smell of potential. To crank the sap to maximum and set the ecosystem in motion. Reach for the sun, lazy days await. But, you must have done the work first. You must have fought through a long and dark winter to be able to perform up to your potential, and to have the best possible experience when the day arrives. We celebrate spring by gathering in the forests of Grenland to compete for honor and gold, but also to guard the forest together. As you know, forest guarding is about appreciating the local environment, community, and celebrating our ability to move efficiently and cover long distances through the terrain. We really hope to see you sharpened and ready at five o’clock sharp, Saturday, May 4th. We at Grenland Ultra Runners will do our utmost to ensure you have a great experience!

Welcome to the fourth edition of Skogvokteren Ultra! Still low-key, unmarked, and 100% trail magic. Only with norwegian championship included. It’s going to be awesome!

Date: May 4th, 2024
Start time: 0500
Start/finish Porsgrunn – rådhustrappa (link)

RegistrationRacetracker (fully booked). Check Grenland Ultra Runners on Facebook for buying/selling unused spots.

Number of spots: 220
Price: 750 NOK (increases on January 1. 2024, and April 1st, 2024)
Price includes*: Electronic timing and tracking, five aid stations, emergency preparedness, Skogvokteren’s finisher medal and norwegian championship medal for the top three in each age group.

Skogvokteren_feature from stripemedia on Vimeo.

Norwegian championship (NM) status

Skogvokteren Ultra 2024 is organized by Grenland Ultra Runners and Gjerpen IF. The Norwegian Championship in trail ultramarathon 2024 is part of the event. Anyone who is a member of a club affiliated with the Norwegian Athletics Association (NFIF) and is a Norwegian citizen is eligible for the Norwegian Championship.

If you are not affiliated with an NFIF club, you may consider joining one. Alternatively, you can participate in the Open class.

If you are not a Norwegian citizen and want your results to count in the NM class, you must apply on the NFIF website. Additionally, you must be affiliated with an NFIF club.

REMEMBER: NM is for everyone, not just the elite. The race remains the same, just with more excitement and celebration.


1. Norwegian championship, with the following classes

– NM Senior: women/men 18 years and older

– NM Veteran: womenr/men 35-39 and then 5-year age categories upward.

Medals for top 3 in all classes.

2. Open class (18+)

– For participants not affiliated with an NFIF club and/or foreign citizens.

All participants in Skogvokteren Ultra, regardless of class, receive Skogvokteren’s finisher medal.

According to NFIF guidelines, all participants must obtain a license. During registration, you can choose a «one-time license» (50 NOK). There is a separate option for those who have obtained an annual license; they must enter their license number.

About the Course

  • 88 km
  • 3500 meters elevation gain
  • 80% trail
  • 20% gravel/asphalt
  • Three municipalities, two cities, and five urban parks!

Detailed course description and GPX-file (subject to change!)

The Skogvokteren route connects Grenland’s two largest cities in a green, winding oval, from bustling city streets to narrow paths carved out by small game and hikers in hilly countryside. It’s like taking a mix of varied and exciting nature and geology, adding in a touch of magical trail network, resulting in a blend worthy of five stars. At least.

For the observant eye, there’s plenty to take in along the way, either to soak in the overall experience while playfully bounding along or to pass the time when it gets tough. And if you’re like me, completely immersed in nature, it’s even easy to forget you’re running at all. The trails change with every kilometer you cover: from wide pine root paths with and without sharp rocks, to narrow blueberry trails for those with long socks, via fully cushioned marsh flats, over dry ridges with moss and heather, down deceitful clay slopes, and through eerie old forests untouched by machinery. Here and there, we see traces of those who walked here long before us. Where the paths curve up on the sides, horses and traders once carried heavy loads, centuries before Tesla and the Norwegian Trekking Association. There are abandoned homesteads, ruins, mine workings, and war memorials. It’s a journey worthy of the National Heritage Board’s attention. Just from Vallermyrene to Vealøs, you’ll experience more of Norway’s unique nature on a run than most people read about on their phones in a year. And then you’re only a third of the way there, rejoice!

The route is composed by Tobias Dahl Fenre and his little helpers at Grenland Ultra Runners, and we are proud and humbled to showcase it to as many people as possible! In light of the NM award for 2024, we have brought in solid reinforcements from the team at Gjerpen IF. Together, we will make sure to accommodate you and ensure that the experience is great from the organizer’s side.

And since Tobias is running the race this year, Stian Tveten steps in as race director.


The course is unmarked, and participants must run with a loaded GPX file on, for example, their watch. The course must be followed at all times. The minimum age limit is set at 18 years. The race style is supported, but receiving support is only allowed at the race’s official checkpoints (starting from 2024). Pacing is not permitted. Registration is binding, and the entry fee is non-refundable. Littering on the course is prohibited. All mandatory equipment must be carried from start to finish.

Learn more in «rules and regulations»

Mandatory Gear

  • GPS device with the course loaded (watch is acceptable)
  • Running backpack/vest
  • Water containers holding at least 1.5 liters
  • Top and bottom in wool or technical fabric (super)
  • Buff
  • Headlamp
  • Reflective vest (to be worn in the dark)
  • Cup (a drinking bottle counts as a cup, use this at the stations)
  • Phone, fully charged and switched on, with the race director’s number saved (952 34 517)
  • Basic first aid kit (e.g., band-aids, sterile compress, gauze)
  • Emergency blanket

Recommended Gear

  • Windbreaker
  • Gloves and hat

Checkpoints/Aid stations

Water can be found in several locations in the terrain, in streams running fresh in the forest away from grazing areas. The map on Alltrails indicates 5 well-known and strategically placed drinking spots. At our five stations in addition to the finish line, we can offer the following (remember your cup):

  • CP1 Jarseng 11k: Water Station Water, juice
  • CP2 Solvika 32k: Food Station Water, juice, cola, potato chips, fruit, flatbreads
  • CP3 Bliva 50k: Food Station Water, juice, cola, potato chips, fruit, flatbreads
  • CP4 Løveid 72k: Food Station Water, juice, cola, potato chips, fruit, flatbreads
  • CP5 VoldsvegenP 80k: Water Station Water, juice, cola, potato chips, fruit, flatbreads
  • Finish line Porsgrunn 88k: Water, soda, non-alcoholic beer, vegetable soup

Cut-off Times

To ensure a safe and responsible journey through the forest, you must reach the following checkpoints within the deadline.

  • CP2 Solvika 32k: Cut-off: 7 hours (12:00 PM)
  • CP3 Bliva 50k: Cut-off: 10 hours (3:00 PM)
  • CP4 Løveid 72k: Cut-off: 16 hours (9:00 PM)
  • CP5 VoldsvegenP 80k: Cut-off: 18 hours (11:00 PM)
  • Finish line Porsgrunn 88k: Cut-off: 20 hours (1:00 AM)

Drop Bag

You can drop off a bag at the start, which will be transported to CP3 Bliva 50k.

Program (more details to come)

Friday, May 3rd

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Distribution of race numbers at Sport1 Porsgrunn, Kulltangveien 70 (Down Town shopping center).

Saturday, May 4th

4:00 AM – 4:45 AM: Distribution of GPS trackers. Drop-off of baggage at Tollboden Sportsbar. Opportunity for drop bag delivery, which will be transported to CP3 Bliva 50k. There will be access to toilets and water.

5:00 AM: START at Rådhustrappa (address Storgata 162).

2:00 PM – 1:00 AM: Runners finish at Rådhustrappa and receive medals. Vegetable soup and beverages will be served in the outdoor area near Tollboden Sportsbar. In case of bad weather, there will be access to indoor areas. Distribution of awards for top three men and women will be as soon as they finish (estimated 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM). Distribution of NM medals to top 3 in each age group will be ongoing.


Start and finish are at Rådhusamfiet/Anders Vangens plass in Porsgrunn, with address Storgata 162. There are several street parking options in downtown Porsgrunn, see e.g., the Easy-park app. Most of these have a 2-hour limit. The best places to park are Gamle Urædd and Kjølnes. Parking here is free.


Comfort Hotel Porsgrunn is just a short sprint away from the start/finish and offers a sports rate (10%, Gosportive).

ITRA (International Trail Running Association) provides scores and maintains statistics for all registered ultramarathons, assigning a score to each runner based on their results. As in previous years, we are pleased to offer 4 ITRA points for completing Skogvokteren 2024.

Read more about the race on ITRA’s own website (link)

UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) has become the leading platform for runner statistics and personal scores. Skogvokteren 2024 is formally recognized as a UTMB Index Race in the 100K category.

Read more about the race on UTMB’s own website (link).