Rules and regulations for Skogvokteren Ultra 2024

Version 2: May 15, 2023

These rules and conditions apply to participation in the Skogvokteren Ultra 88k event, organized by Grenland Ultra Runners.


Participation is at one’s own risk and responsibility. The organizer disclaims any liability for expenses that may arise in case of injury, illness, or other circumstances related to the event.

Participants are obligated to familiarize themselves with, and comply with, all information (written and oral) provided by the organizer.

If another participant encounters an emergency situation, participants are obliged to assist to the best of their ability and report to the organizer.

Participants must follow the designated race course.

Participants must not leave any litter of any kind along the route.

Participants’ names, club affiliation, nationality, and year of birth may be published in result lists and participant lists.

Pictures of participants may be taken during the event. These pictures may be posted on the website and social media.

Registration is binding, and there is no refund of the registration fee. It is possible to transfer registration to another person if you are unable to participate.

The minimum age to participate is 18 years, but it is possible to participate with an adult from the age of 16.

Participants must save the race director’s phone number (Stian: 913 37 510) on the mobile phone carried during the race. The phone must be turned on throughout the race.

The race style is supported, meaning it is allowed to receive food and drink by one’s own crew, but only at the official aid stations.

Pacing (running with someone not participating in the competition) is not allowed.

In case of a DNF (Did Not Finish), participants must report to the organizer immediately.

Mandatory equipment

  1. GPS with the course loaded (watch is okay)
  2. Running backpack/vest
  3. Water containers with a capacity of at least 1.5 liters
  4. Top and bottom in wool or technical fabric (super)
  5. Buff
  6. Headlamp
  7. Reflective vest (to be worn in the dark)
  8. Cup (a drinking bottle counts as a cup, use this at the aid stations)
  9. Phone, fully charged and switched on, with race director’s phone number stored (952 34 517)
  10. Basic first aid kit (e.g., band-aids, sterile compress, gauze)
  11. Emergency blanket
  12. All mandatory equipment must be carried throughout the entire race from start to finish.

Recommended equipment

  • Wind jacket
  • Gloves and hat


These rules may be subject to change as needed. Changes and clarifications will be communicated on this website and will take effect immediately upon posting.

Amended on May 15, 2023:

  • Removed: Belt. Participants must run with a running backpack/vest
  • Added: Super- or woolen underwear (top and bottom). Previously: only top.
  • Added: Headlamp
  • Added: Reflective vest

These changes have been made to improve the safety of the runners.

Amended on March 20, 2024

  • Changed the race director to Stian Tveten, as Tobias is running the race.
  • Removed «allowed to receive food and drink outside aid stations», as this is only allowed at the official aid stations.